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Eco-Products International Fair 2016 (EPIF 2016)


At present, the world society as well as Thai society are facing the environmental crisis which has become increasingly intense. Many sectors are conscious of the need to tackle the issue and there has been increasing collaboration across sectors in seeking ways to save the environment in concrete actions.


The Federation of Thai Industries in cooperation with the Asian Productivity Organization and Thailand Productivity Institute to host EPIF 2016 at  Bangkok, Thailand.   


1) Challenge: how to encourage entrepreneurs in the manufacturing industry, traders, consumers and general public to participate in the EPIF 2016. The purpose is to stimulate their awareness and efforts for the production and consumption of the environmentally friendly products. 2) Strategy: all dimensions of multimedia are used as a means of communication including publications, television, radio, online media and other activities specifically designed for the targeted group. It aims to emphasize the value of the EPIF 2016 in showcasing the eco-friendly products, services and innovation, promoting business negotiations and business matching as well as featuring several exclusive activities such as 24 - Hour Eco Life, Eco Kids, Eco Art and Eco Clip


All mass media and press both from Thailand and other countries extensively collaborated in the public relations of this fair organization. Altogether, more than 200 news articles have been generated, worth up to 20 million baht. EPIF 2016 was able to attract 114 domestic and international entrepreneurs and companies which participated in 251 exhibition booths showcasing their eco-products and eco-services. Also 55,000 buyers, consumers and youth attended the fair. Meanwhile, the business negotiations and business matching taking place during the fair have reached 631 million baht in value.